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  • How Energy Transition Models Go Wrong 18 juni, 2021
    I have written many posts relating to the fact that we live in a finite world. At some point, our ability to extract resources becomes constrained. At the same time, population keeps increasing. The usual outcome when population is too high for resources is "overshoot and collapse." But this is not a topic that the […]
  • February Non-OPEC Oil Production Sinks 19 juni, 2021
    A post by Ovi at peakoilbarrel. Below are a number of oil (C + C ) production charts for Non-OPEC countries created from data provided by the EIAʼs International Energy Statistics and updated to February 2021. Information from other sources such as OPEC, the STEO and country specific sites such as Russia, Norway and China is used […]
  • The orbiting solar power fantasy 22 juni, 2021
    Preface. This 2020 article “Solar Power Beamed Down To Earth From Space Moves Forward” will leave you all warm, fuzzy, and unworried about the future. The Scientists Will Come Up With Something.  But that’s because you know little to nothing … Continue reading →

Oljemarknad i förändring | NOG

Ett nytt evenemang som NOG arrangerar i Solna om oljemarknaden i förändring, den 10 september 2014 kl 13:00 i Solna. Som NOG presenterar seminariet.

Olja är fortfarande världens viktigaste energikälla och den största, internationella handelsvaran. Oljemarknaden har varit relativt stabil under flera år, med priser för Brentolja som pendlat runt 110 dollar/fat. Analytiker och marknadsaktörer förväntar […]

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Vad händer i Libyen

Efter vad som nu har hänt i Tunisien och Egypten så händer det saker på många håll.


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