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  • OPEC Update, September 2021 16 september, 2021
    The OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report for September 2021 was published this past week. The last month reported in each of the charts that follow is August 2021 and output reported for OPEC nations is crude oil output in thousands of barrels per day (kb/d). In the charts that follow the blue line is monthly […]
  • Water Theft 23 september, 2021
    Preface. As fresh water supplies are depleted worldwide and water crises increase, water theft is becoming more common.  And damage to marine environments as well. It is estimated that between 30% and 50% of the global water supply is stolen … Continue reading →

Klimatforskare om att svika mänskligheten. 

Professor Jem Bendell samtalar med Dr Wolfgang Knorr som är klimatforskare i Lund om hur forskarkollegor har svikit mänskligheten i sina rapporter. Jem Bendell har skrivit rapporten DeepAdaption.
Ett intressant passage i texten om sveket.

Jem Bendell: While it may be awkward to say it publicly, it seems to me that the climate science profession has been […]

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Studien om kollaps som du inte skulle läsa - just nu.

Professor Jem Bendell från University of Cumbria (UK) har skrivit en artikel ”Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating Climate Tragedy ” till tidskiften Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal, SAMPJ. Artikeln refuserades dår en av motiveringarna var.

I was left wondering about the social implications of presenting a scenario for the future as inevitable reality, and […]

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