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  • Is the debt bubble supporting the world economy in danger of collapsing? 17 maj, 2022
    With an ever-lower cost of debt, the economy has had a hidden tailwind pushing it long between 1981 to 2020. Now that interest rates are again rising, the danger is that a substantial portion of this debt bubble may collapse. My concern is that the economy may be headed for an incredibly hard landing because […]
  • By Gaia Gardener: On Suffering 15 maj, 2022
    Buried in the comments of the last post we discussed human overshoot and what should be done about it. I proposed our goal should be to minimize suffering and that the best path to achieving this goal is awareness of Ajit Varki’s Mind Over Reality Transition (MORT) theory. My view, in summary, is that when […]
  • Why do Natural Gas & Oil cost so much? 21 maj, 2022
    Preface. Below are excerpts from U.S. House & Senate hearings where various speakers made the case that due to tight fracked gas & oil the United States had 100 or 200 or even 250 years of Energy Independence ahead.  For … Continue reading →

The World After Cheap Oil - ny bok.

The World After Cheap Oil är en ny bok som skrivits av Rauli Partanen, Harri Paloheimo och Heikki Waris från Finland grundare av ASPO Finland.
Det finns en recension av boken som jag läste. Detta är sammanfattningen som förlaget har lagt ut:

Substantial evidence suggests that we are currently living at the peak of oil production with […]

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