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  • 2023: Expect a financial crash followed by major energy-related changes 9 januari, 2023
    If the world economy experiences major financial turbulence in 2023, we could be in for a rough ride. In my opinion, a major financial crash seems likely. This is could upset the economy far more seriously than the 2008 crash. I am certain that some mitigation measures can be implemented. For example, there can be […]
  • By Monk: Why not nuclear? 28 januari, 2023
    Today’s post is by frequent un-Denial visitor and friend Monk who does a wonderful job of explaining why nuclear energy is not a useful response to overshoot. With increasing energy prices and sanctions on Russia, people are once again considering how we can power the global industrial machine with significantly less oil and gas. Alongside […]
  • The myriad ways females play a role in evolution 30 januari, 2023
    Preface. This is a review of Cooke’s book “Bitch: On the female of the species”. I’ve been reading about evolution for a long time, but there was a great deal of new research on the role females play in evolution … Continue reading →

Socialisera skapandet av pengar - IMF-ekonomen Michael Kumhof

”Det största hotet är resursknappheten, framförallt peakoil. Det kanske inte är ett omedelbart hot, men det ligger alldeles runt hörnet.” Detta sa IMF-ekonomen Michael Kumhof, tidigare på Bracleys Bank i London, på ett seminarium i förrgår, anordnat av Global Utmaning.  ASPO Sverige delar denna syn och försöker därför väcka opinion för att samhället, på olika sätt, börjar […]

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