februari 2021

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  • Ramping Up Renewables Can’t Provide Enough Heat Energy in Winter 20 september, 2022
    We usually don't think about the wonderful service fossil fuels provide in terms of being a store of heat energy for winter, the time when there is a greater need for heat energy. Figure 1 shows dramatically how, in the US, the residential usage of heating fuels spikes during the winter months. Solar energy is […]
  • By Gaia Gardener: On Our Hall of Denial Mirrors 20 september, 2022
    Today we have another guest post by a member of the un-Denial community, Gaia Gardener, who posted these thoughts on denial as a comment. I thought they were interesting enough to warrant promoting them to a more visible post. Hello friends, thank you for a very interesting discussion about the realities of denial and how […]

Endgame 2050, ett scenario om 30 år. 

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En dokumentär film om vad som skulle kunna utspela sig om 30-år och vad forskarna ser.
Just nu kan man se hela filmen, jag vet inte för hur länge så passa på.

Det är dessa områden som tas upp i filmen och där man kan få mer information.​

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