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  • The world has a major crude oil problem; expect conflict ahead 21 april, 2022
    World crude oil production has been falling behind needed levels since 2019. This problem, by itself, encourages the world economy to contract in unexpected ways, including in the form of economic lockdowns and aggression between countries. This crude oil shortfall seems likely to become greater in the years ahead, pushing the world economy toward conflict […]
  • By Gaia Gardener: On Suffering 15 maj, 2022
    Buried in the comments of the last post we discussed human overshoot and what should be done about it. I proposed our goal should be to minimize suffering and that the best path to achieving this goal is awareness of Ajit Varki’s Mind Over Reality Transition (MORT) theory. My view, in summary, is that when […]
  • States do not evolve from Bands to Tribes to Chiefdoms to States 15 maj, 2022
    Preface.  The bulk of this book is dedicated to showing why the idea of the evolution from tribes to states is false. If the authors are correct, then the flexibility of societies to invent ways of living with more freedom … Continue reading →

Lösningen på energiproblemet!

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Har vi med detta löst vårt energiproblem.

Sedan har vi många andra problem, så att vi löser ett räcker inte för då finns det fler och svårare kvar. Det kanske blir fler om vi skulle få fri energi.

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