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Jean-Marc Jancovici: på RADIO ECOSHOCK

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Här är en längre intervju med Jean-Marc Jancovici en fransk ingenjör som talar klarspråk om energi och klimat. Han är medlem i ASPO Frankrike. Här är några bra citat från Jean-Marc:

Governments are not guided by [wise] advisors. They respond to external pressure.

Q: What do you think is the greatest soonest threat: peak oil or climate change?
A: I place my bets on the likelihood that nobody will understand what is happening with either of these threats.

No government understands that energy equals machines, and if machines work less, GDP goes down.

Think of peak oil and climate change as opposing scissor blades squeezing your finger. Asking which is worse does not make any sense.

A huge misunderstanding is that energy is a sector of the economy rather than the blood of the economy.

No political leader understands that climate change is already putting refugees on the road.

Källa: Jean-Marc Jancovici: Whistling Past the Graveyard – RADIO ECOSHOCK

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