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  • How Energy Transition Models Go Wrong 18 juni, 2021
    I have written many posts relating to the fact that we live in a finite world. At some point, our ability to extract resources becomes constrained. At the same time, population keeps increasing. The usual outcome when population is too high for resources is "overshoot and collapse." But this is not a topic that the […]
  • February Non-OPEC Oil Production Sinks 19 juni, 2021
    A post by Ovi at peakoilbarrel. Below are a number of oil (C + C ) production charts for Non-OPEC countries created from data provided by the EIAʼs International Energy Statistics and updated to February 2021. Information from other sources such as OPEC, the STEO and country specific sites such as Russia, Norway and China is used […]

Boksläpp på Kjell Alekletts nya bok

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Den 7 september är det är det lansering av Kjell Alekletts senaste bok, En värld drogad av olja.
Lotta Gröning är samtalsledare.
Kommentarer av fyra ledande aktörer:
Therese Uddenfeldt, journalist och författare till boken Gratislunchen
Michael G:son Löw fd VD för Preem
Anders Wijkman, ordf. Miljömålsberedningen.
Mattias Goldman, Fores
I boken kommer Kjell bland annat att beskriva hur IPCC olika scenarior är allt för höga,
Det är som Alice Friedemann skriver:

We are locked into climate change for thousands of years, but the good news is that many scientists believe that peak fossil fuels will at worst reach levels in the lowest few IPCC projections. The decline of fossil fuels will kill far more people, far sooner than Climate change. And then crazy weather, rising sea levels, and disease will make life harder for those who survive. [www.energyskeptic.com ]


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