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  • To Be Sustainable, Green Energy Must Generate Adequate Taxable Revenue 15 juli, 2021
    What allows any type of energy to be sustainable? I would argue that one of the requirements for sustainability is adequate production of taxable revenue. Company managements depend upon taxable revenue for many purposes, including funding new investments and paying dividends to shareholders. Governments depend upon taxable income to collect enough taxes to provide infrastructure […]
  • Annual Reserve Revisions Part V: Oil Sands 24 juli, 2021
    A guest post by George Kaplan Over this century the oil sands business has consolidated into three main players: CNRL, Suncor and Cenovus, all of which have shown considerable organic and total growth in reserves and production (and presumably debt). After this growth period it looks like things are plateauing at the moment. Oil sands […]
  • Why methanol is not an option to replace gasoline or diesel 26 juli, 2021
    Preface. Methanol, or CH₃OH, is primarily used to make chemicals for plastics, paints, and cosmetics. It is made from coal or natural gas. “Green” methanol is made from biomass or biogas from landfills or sewage plants. Or it can be … Continue reading →

Trafikverket politiskt styrt för mer väg- och tunneltrafik!

Trafikverket har presenterat ett förslag till nationell plan för transportsystemet, som fått tummen ned från en mängd olika håll, då planen går på tvärs mot officiell trafikstatistik och utvecklingen framöver. Det är en flagrant exempel på en myndighet som verkar gå arm i arm med den sittande regeringen och behaga makten, utan hänsyn till egna […]

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