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  • Running Short of Tailwinds for the Economy 22 november, 2023
    Strangely enough, the economy seems to move from tailwind to tailwind, as new resources are discovered, as population expands, and as central banks figure out new ways to fix the economy. In this post, I will describe some tailwinds affecting the economy. Many of these have recently lost their value or are likely to lose […]
  • Beliefs Should Change with Evidence 9 december, 2023
    You can’t say that I don’t change my beliefs when presented with new evidence by smart experts with integrity. Thanks to Dr. Jonathan J. Couey, I am in process of overturning much of what I thought was true about covid: If the above is true, and I suspect it is, the narrative I have been […]
  • Do you want to eat, drink, or fly? 6 december, 2023
    Preface.  In this post the New York Times writes about renewable airplane fuel from corn ethanol, and questions whether there is enough water and a few other problems.  First I’m going to summarize their issues with this, and then follow … Continue reading →

Klimatåret | 2009 från NOAA

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Det har kommit en rapport om klimatåret 2009 från NOAA, den är på 218 sidor totalt. med dessa delar.

  1. Introduction
  2. Global Climate
    1. Summary
    2. Global Surface Temperature
    3. Hydrologic cycle
    4. Atmospheric circulation
    5. Earth radiation budget at top-of-atmospher
    6. Atmospheric composition
    7. Land surface properties
  3. Global Oceans
    1. Overview
    2. Sea surface temperatures in 2009
    3. Ocean heat content
    4. Global ocean heat fluxes
    5. Sea surface salinity
    6. Surface current observations
    7. The meridional overturning circulation
    8. Sea level variations, 2009 annual assessment
    9. The global ocean carbon cycle
    10. Global ocean phytoplankton
  4. The Tropics
    1. Overview
    2. ENSO and the tropical Pacific
    3. The Madden-Julian Oscillation
    4. Tropical cyclones
    5. Tropical cyclone heat potential
    6. Intertropical convergence zones
    7. Indian Ocean dipole
  5. The Arctic
    1. Overview
    2. Atmosphere
    3. Ocean
    4. Sea-ice cover
    5. Land
    6. Greenland
  6. Antarctica
    1. Overview
    2. Atmospheric circulation
    3. Surface station observations
    4. Surface mass balance
    5. Seasonal melt extent and duration
    6. Sea-ice extent and concentration
    7. Ozone depletion
  7. Regional Climates
    1. Overview
    2. North America
    3. Central America and the Caribbean
    4. South America
    5. Africa
    6. Europe
    7. Asia
    8. Oceania
  8. Seasonal Global Summaries

BAMS Annual State of the Climate | 2009.

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