februari 2010

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Om jord och klimat.

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  • Spike in energy prices suggests that sharp changes are ahead 18 oktober, 2021
    Now, through several iterations, the economy has become increasingly complex, with less and less redundancy to provide stability. The energy price spike that is being experienced today is a warning that something is very, very wrong. As I see the situation, the trend toward complexity has gone too far; the economic system is starting to […]
  • Water is flowing uphill. Why? 10 oktober, 2021
    El gato malo does more intelligent analysis in a week than the idiots in our governments do in a year. Today’s analysis suggests Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche was correct in predicting that applying a leaky vaccine effective at preventing sickness in the middle of a pandemic was a very bad idea. https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/are-leaky-vaccines-driving-delta all a virus […]
  • Riskiest counties in the U.S. 23 oktober, 2021
    Preface. I suppose that if you’re trying to figure out where to survive peak oil, the hazards might be something to consider. This isn’t the greatest tool in the world. To use it, select a county in the Counties tab … Continue reading →

Tecken på nergradering!

I sitt tal till Nationen i januari så skrotade president B. Obama ”Constellation” programet som avsåg att människor skulle återkomma till månen för vidare resor till Mars. För det är för komplicerat att satsa på Mars direkt. Jag tror det är så här det kommer att gå, olika program och projekt skrotas av olika skäl.
Det […]

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