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  • Our Latest Oil Predicament 13 mars, 2018
    It is impossible to tell the whole oil story, but perhaps I can offer a few insights regarding where we are today. [1] We already seem to be back to the falling oil prices and refilling storage tanks scenario. US crude oil … Continue reading →
  • Energy Externalities Day 3: Biomass-Fired-Electricity 22 mars, 2018
    Its day 3 of the Energy Externality Game already and we move onto biomass-fired-electricity. Most biomass electricity currently resides in Europe, where much of the fuel is imported from North America. In evaluating biomass we need to consider the whole supply chain from timber operations in N America, transport to and from the wood pellet […]
  • Lab Girl by Hope Jahren (excerpts) 20 mars, 2018
    Preface. Here are some excerpts to give you a taste of how delightful and well written this book is, hope it inspires young women to go into science.  And something good to read when the grid goes down… Warning: these … Continue reading →

Open letter to Yuval Noah Harari about ”Homo Deus”

Open letter to Yuval Noah Harari regarding his book ”Homo Deus” there he explores the projects, dream and nightmares that will shape the twenty-first century – from overcoming death to creating artificial life. It asks the fundamental questions: Where do we protect this fragile world from our own destructive powers?

I have been reading in your […]

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Sju chockerande händelser 2014

Ugo Bardi som skriver på Resource Crisis har skrivet om några händelser som han ser står ut under året 2014. Det är ingen rangordning på listan.
1. Oljepris kollapsen. Det är förväntat att priset på olja skulle fluktuera när vi befinner oss nära toppen, men han trodde att det skulle bli som 2008 när priset skulle […]

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Besök hos Tillväxtens gränser

”The Limits to Growth Revisited” är en bok av Ugo Bardi, han undervisar i kemi på Universitet i Florens. I boken som har sitt ursprung i boken ”The Limits to Growth” (LTG) från 1972 som var 4 av Club of Rome.


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