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  • Rethinking Renewable Mandates 31 juli, 2019
    Powering the world’s economy with wind, water and solar, and perhaps a little wood sounds like a good idea until a person looks at the details. The economy can use small amounts of wind, water and solar, but adding these types … Continue reading →
  • Grazing, desertification and climate change 18 maj, 2019
    Yesterday I watched the GWPF cliff diving walrus porn video. Afterwards, Youtube took me to this video by Allan Savory. Noting that it had over 3 million views, my blood pressure rose in view of how environmental bullshit attracts so much attention. I started to watch and was then astonished by what Allan Savory had to […]
  • Climate change risks could cause an American “Fukushima” 10 augusti, 2019
    Preface. Nuclear power plants need a constant supply of electric power to pump cool water into a reactor’s core. Ninety percent of them, 54 plants, have at least one flood risk exceeding their design. If flooding stops the power supply … Continue reading →

Är även svenska kärnkraftsverk infekterade?

Det har kommit fram att Ryska kärnkraftkärnkraftverk har blivit infektera av ett virus som Israel och USA tog fram för att slå ut Iran:s kärnkraft. Nu verkar det som viruset har spritt sig till andra ställen. Enligt Eugene Kaspersky så har även ISS blivit infekterat ibland. Och enligt F-secure så kan flera kraftverk vara infekterade […]

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