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  • It is easy to overdo COVID-19 quarantines 11 mars, 2020
    We have learned historically that if we can isolate sick people, we can often keep a communicable disease from spreading. Unfortunately, the situation with the new coronavirus causing COVID-19 is different: We can’t reliability determine which people are spreading the … Continue reading →
  • Drone Strike on Saudi Arabia Knocks out 5% of Global Oil Supplies 17 september, 2019
    On Saturday 14 September the Abqaiq oil processing facilities in Saudi Arabia were hit by an air borne attack assumed to be a drone. Abqaiq lies to the NE of Ghawar, the world's largest oil field and producer by far. Abqaiq is the largest single oil processing facility in the world. It processes all the […]
  • Shale gas is only good for plastics, not transportation fuels 29 mars, 2020
    The author of this article seems to think that the oil industry is switching to plastics because electric cars have cut gasoline use.  The real reason is that fracked gas is so light they’re mainly great for plastics.  The fracking … Continue reading →

Steve Keen dömer ut förra pristagen Nordhaus igen.

I detta samtal med Steve Keen så dömmer han ut ekonomer och speciellt W. Nordhaus som fick pris av Riksbanken förra året. Energi finns inte med i deras modeller utan det är bara arbete och kapital. Som Steve säger en arbetare utan energi är ett lik och en maskin utan energi är en skulptur. Ett […]

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