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  • Fossil Fuel Production Is Reaching Limits in a Strange Way 15 oktober, 2020
    Strangely enough, the limit we seem to be reaching with respect to fossil fuel extraction comes from low prices. At low prices, the extraction of oil, coal, and natural gas becomes unprofitable. Producers go bankrupt, or they voluntarily cut back production in an attempt to force prices higher. As the result of these forces, production […]
  • EIA’s Electric Power Monthly – September 2020 Edition with data for July 24 oktober, 2020
    A Guest Post by Islandboy The EIA released the latest edition of their Electric Power Monthly on September 24th, with data for July 2020. The table above shows the percentage contribution of the main fuel sources to two decimal places for the last two months and the year 2020 to date. The Table immediately above […]
  • Why we need more women leaders 27 oktober, 2020
    Preface. Hector Garcia makes the case that women make better leaders in an excerpt from his book below. His conclusion is that “scientific literature shows that when women are allowed greater political and economic power, which is inseparable from the … Continue reading →

Olja och kopplingen till finansmarknaden.

I denna podcast finns ett samtal från Macrovices där man i realtid ser oljeprisfallet för WTI ner till -$40 och hur detta gick till, där förklaras också effekterna av långa och kort kontrakt.
I en efterföljande podcast så diskuteras vilka konsekvenser detta prisfall kan få på framtida långa kontrakt. För när lagringsmöjligheten är nästa obefintlig så […]

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