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  • A Different View of Venezuela’s Energy Problems 20 mars, 2019
    It would be easy to write a story about Venezuela’s energy problems and, in it, focus on the corruption and mismanagement that have taken place. This would make it look like Venezuela’s problems were different from everyone else’s. Taking this … Continue reading →
  • Waking into our new volatile age of oil prices 4 mars, 2019
    Guest post by Tom Therramus that is the pen name of a US based Professor. The article was first published on Oil-Price.net. Consider some recent headlines: “World Bank Warns Of Extreme Volatility In Oil Markets”, “International Energy Agency Head: Oil … Continue reading →
  • Why and how Jellyfish are taking over the world 19 mars, 2019
    Preface.  The more climate change kicks in, the more we over-fish, pollute, acidify and warm the ocean, create vast dead zones, and trawl ocean bottoms, the better the jellyfish do. It is quite possible that the ocean ecosystem will shift … Continue reading →

Klockan klämtar för tillväxten!

I senaste numret av Ingenjören så skriver Jenny Grensman på Ledarsidan om Peak Oil och Kjell Aleklett. Sedan finns det en långt reportage om  tillväxten och dess gränser ”Klockan klämtar för tillväxten!” av Sture Henckel. Ingenjören är Sveriges Ingenjörers medlemstidning. I artikeln som utgår från Tillväxtens gränser från 1973.

Uppdaterat 4 sep, nu kan man läsa […]

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