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Jevons paradox på global nivå

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  • The climate change story is half true 30 april, 2019
    The climate change story is true in some respects: The climate is indeed changing. And CO2 emissions do seem to affect climate. Burning fossil fuels does indeed make a difference in CO2 levels. The problem I have with the climate … Continue reading →
  • Grazing, desertification and climate change 18 maj, 2019
    Yesterday I watched the GWPF cliff diving walrus porn video. Afterwards, Youtube took me to this video by Allan Savory. Noting that it had over 3 million views, my blood pressure rose in view of how environmental bullshit attracts so much attention. I started to watch and was then astonished by what Allan Savory had to […]
  • The global threat of invasive species to marine biodiversity 18 maj, 2019
    Preface.  Although I consider peak oil to be the largest threat, since all other resources and economic activities depend on it, we’re faced with a convergence of hundreds of other problems enabled by fossil fuels, which caused the the huge … Continue reading →

Saudi tillåter aldrig ett lägre oljepris än 92 dollar per fat

I skymundan av den globala finanskrisen och kampen för eurons överlevnad, meddelade Saudi att man drar ned sin produktion av olja från 10 till 9 miljoner fat per dag. Samtidigt som man avbryter sin investeringsplan på 100 miljarder dollar, för att kunna producera 15 miljoner fat år 2020.
Det främsta skälet angavs vara USA:s framgångsrika utvinning […]

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