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  • The world’s weird self-organizing economy 11 juli, 2018
    Why is it so difficult to make accurate long-term economic forecasts for the world economy? There are many separate countries involved, each with a self-organizing economy made up of businesses, consumers, governments, and laws. These individual economies together create a … Continue reading →
  • Blowout Week 237 14 juli, 2018
    This week we feature the UK’s latest Energy Policy Assessment, in which the National Infrastructure Commission concludes that the UK can go renewable by 2050 by electrifying everything and powering the grid with dominant wind and solar without significant storage … Continue reading →
  • Would we be happier as hunter gatherers than farming? 13 juli, 2018
    [ Someone posted an article in facebook from the New Yorker titled “The case against civilization. Did our hunter-gatherer ancestors have it better?”  And the author’s answer is a resounding “yes” backed only by bullshit.  I was so annoyed I … Continue reading →

Open letter to Yuval Noah Harari about ”Homo Deus”

Open letter to Yuval Noah Harari regarding his book ”Homo Deus” there he explores the projects, dream and nightmares that will shape the twenty-first century – from overcoming death to creating artificial life. It asks the fundamental questions: Where do we protect this fragile world from our own destructive powers?

I have been reading in your […]

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Global Utmaning och populism.

Global Utmaning hade en presentation den 8 december i Stockholm då deras rapport ”Samtal om energi – utmaningar, lärdomar och förslag för Sverige” presenterades, skriven av Arne Mogren.
I sammanfattningen skriver rapporten:

Energilandskapet är i förändring. Sverige tar nu ut riktningen för energisystemets utveckling bortom 2030, när den historiska energiöverenskommelsen ska konkretiseras och implementeras.
Vi står inför ett […]

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