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WEO 2013 release 12 nov i London

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  • Supplemental energy puts humans in charge 2 augusti, 2018
    Energy is a subject that is greatly misunderstood. Its role in our lives is truly amazing. We humans are able to live and move because of the energy that we get from food. We count this energy in calories. Green … Continue reading →
  • Have investors lost interest in “clean energy”? 15 augusti, 2018
    Before 2011 global investment in clean energy (wind, solar, biomass, biofuels etc.) grew rapidly. Then in and around 2011 many governments abandoned renewables subsidies in favor of capacity auctions, and growth in global clean energy investment ceased. Investment in North and South America has not increased since 2007 and in Asia it has not increased […]
  • Fantasyland 5. Why Americans are so prone to believing in conspiracies 17 augusti, 2018
    Preface. This is the fifth of nine posts about this very important book on how and why a large percent of Americans have has been irrational for 500 years. Alice Friedemann   www.energyskeptic.com  author of “When Trucks Stop Running: Energy and … Continue reading →

Är även svenska kärnkraftsverk infekterade?

Det har kommit fram att Ryska kärnkraftkärnkraftverk har blivit infektera av ett virus som Israel och USA tog fram för att slå ut Iran:s kärnkraft. Nu verkar det som viruset har spritt sig till andra ställen. Enligt Eugene Kaspersky så har även ISS blivit infekterat ibland. Och enligt F-secure så kan flera kraftverk vara infekterade […]

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