september 2023

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  • Fossil Fuel Imports Are Already Constrained 31 augusti, 2023
    The big question for any fuel is, "Can consumers afford to pay a high enough price to cover all the costs involved in getting the fuel from endpoint to endpoint, at the time it is needed?" Citizens become very unhappy if the cost of winter heat becomes extremely expensive. They demand subsidies and rebates from […]
  • By Karl North: An agroecological model for the end of the oil age 3 september, 2023
    Introduction Modern civilization is urban down to its rural roots, hates nature, ignores nature, depends on nature, destroys nature, yet expects nature to keep on giving. Now nature is striking back. The result is a slow-motion tragedy of catabolic collapse[1], like the oroboros tail-eating snake. To withstand the collapse, a revolution in food production will be […]
  • Want to survive Peak Everything? Become a Mormon 20 september, 2023
    Source: Salt Lake Tribune. For Latter-day Saint families, preparing for emergencies is the norm Preface.  Ted Koppel’s book “Lights Out” highlights the many risks to the grid from cyber and physical attacks, electromagnetic pulses from weapons or solar flares, large … Continue reading →

Öppet brev till Ekonomiekot om följajohn-beteendet kring shaleindustrin

Hej Sören!
Har tagit del av ditt och Ekonomiekots försvar av hur SR bevakar tightoil, skiffergas och skifferolja i USA.Tycker det är lite genant att SR med högsta förtroendesiffror i svensk media hamnar i samma fälla som Bonnier/DN och Johan Schück om tightoil. Något vi skrivit om tidigare på ASPO Sverige, flera gånger. /DN sponsras av Goldman Sachs.

Sen […]

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