februari 2021
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  • Where Energy Modeling Goes Wrong 4 februari, 2021
    There are a huge number of people doing energy modeling. In my opinion, nearly all of them are going astray in their modeling because they don’t understand how the economy really operates. The modeling that comes closest to being correct … Continue reading →
  • November Non-OPEC Oil Production Jumps 21 februari, 2021
    A post by Ovi at peakoilbarrel Below are a number of oil (C + C ) production charts for Non-OPEC countries created from data provided by the EIAʼs International Energy Statistics and updated to November 2020. Information from other sources such as OPEC, the STEO and country specific sites such as Russia and Norway is used to […]
  • Far Out power #6: Stale beer, crayfish shells, and burning metal powder 24 februari, 2021
    Preface. Unfortunately, turning beer into biogas requires a pandemic so that it isn’t drunk at pubs instead. Scientists assure us there will be more pandemics as we mow down (rain)forests for shopping malls and come into contact with new viruses, … Continue reading →

Collaps 101 av Michael Dowd

Michael Dowd har gjort en föreläsning om grundkurs i kollaps i ett långt tidsperspektiv. Den är riktigt bra det finns många bra citat och referenser till massa böcker som går djupare ner i ämnet kollaps. Detta är delarna som han går igenom. Det finns två filmer en om kollaps och mer information finns på Post Doom med samma […]

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