november 2018
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  • Why we get bad diagnoses for the world’s energy-economy problems 7 november, 2018
    The world economy seems to be seriously ill. The problem is not overly high oil prices, but that does not rule out energy as being a major underlying problem. Two of the symptoms of the economy’s malaise are slow wage growth and increasing wage disparity. Tariffs are being used as solutions to these issues. Radical […]
  • Blowout Week 254 10 november, 2018
    For this week's feature story we stay in the UK, where plans for the Moorside nuclear power station have reportedly been scrapped now that Toshiba has pulled out of the project, leaving a "huge hole" in UK energy policy. To follow we have Saudi Arabia considers disbanding OPEC; natural gas in Poland and Australia; the […]
  • Rex Weyler on “what to do” about limits to growth, peak energy 10 november, 2018
    Preface. Professor Nate Hagens is teaching a class at the University of Minnesota about the state of the world that may be expanded to all incoming freshmen.  Many despair when they learn about limits to growth and finite fossil fuels.  … Continue reading →

Personlighets typer bland läsarna.

Jag läste denna text för ett tag sedan på Do the Math (DtM) och började fundera på vad det betydde. Innan hade Peak Prosperity (PP) haft en liknade. Så nu gjorde vi en här för se hur det låg till över här. Resultatet överensstämmer med både DtM och PP även om urvalet är mycket lägre.
Man […]

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