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Global Utmaning och populism.

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  • Our Latest Oil Predicament 13 mars, 2018
    It is impossible to tell the whole oil story, but perhaps I can offer a few insights regarding where we are today. [1] We already seem to be back to the falling oil prices and refilling storage tanks scenario. US crude oil … Continue reading →
  • Energy Externalities Day 4: Nuclear Power 23 mars, 2018
    It's now day 4 of the Energy Externality Game. Diesel generators were next on the list, but I decided to skip over that for the time being and to move on to the more exciting topic of nuclear power. Nuclear power has a long supply chain and needs to take into account U mining, ore […]

About ASPO Sweden

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ASPO is the abbreviation of  ”Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas”

The first informal ASPO network of scientists acting as experts in their fields of research in the study of Peak Oil originated in Europe in the year 2000. Pioneers in this movement are petro-geologists Colin Campbell, Kjell Aleklett and Jean Laherrère

ASPO Sweden was founded in 2008 and is a part of ASPO International.

The ASPO is an association for the common good, is independent, and does not belong to any political party or industry. Anyone living in Sweden who would like to promote the aims of the association can become a member by paying 100 SEK to Bankgiro 381-8549 wright Name and email adress.

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