april 2021

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Med Bill McKibben om Eaarth

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  • How the World’s Energy Problem Has Been Hidden 4 maj, 2021
    We now live in a strange world filled with half-truths, not too different from the world of the 1930s. US newspapers leave out the many stories that could be written about rising food insecurity around the world, and even in the US. We see more reports of conflicts among countries and increasing gaps between the […]
  • January Non-OPEC Oil Production Climbs Again 8 maj, 2021
    A guest post by Ovi at peakoilbarrel Below are a number of oil (C + C ) production charts for Non-OPEC countries created from data provided by the EIAʼs International Energy Statistics and updated to January 2021. Information from other sources such as OPEC, the STEO and country specific sites such as Russia, Norway and China is […]

Filmpremiär: Bright Green Lies

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I dag har filmen ”Bright Green Lies” premier och kan ses för en kostnad av CA$ 17. Filmen bygger på boken med samma namn av bland annat Derrick Jensen, undertiteln är ”How the Environmental Movement Lost Its Way and What We Can Do About It”. Boken plockar isär illusionen om ”grön” teknik och ingen teknik undgår kritiken som solceller, vindkraftverk eller elbilar allt är bara fantasier.

Ett samtal mellan Derrick och James Howard Kunstler om boken.
Här finns en intervju med Derrick om boken.

Uppdaterat den 23 April: Det finns en bok recension också: Book review of “Bright Green Lies” | Peak Energy & Resources, Climate Change, and the Preservation of Knowledge

Här är ett smakprov av filmen.

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