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Eko-llaps och IPBES| ASHES ASHES

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  • Why Collapse Occurs; Why It May Not Be Far Away 25 februari, 2021
    Collapse doesn't happen instantaneously; it happens many years after an economy first begins outgrowing its resource base. In fact, the resource base likely declines at the same time from multiple causes such as soil erosion, deforestation and oil depletion. Before collapse occurs, there seem to be warning signs. Continue reading →
  • US December Oil Production Drops 27 februari, 2021
    A post by Ovi at peakoilbarrel All of the oil (C + C) production data for the US state charts comes from the EIAʼs Petroleum Supply monthly PSM. After the production charts, an analysis of three EIA monthly reports that project future US production is provided. The charts below are updated to December 2020 for the […]
  • Lifespan of infrastructure, transportation, and buildings 27 februari, 2021
    Preface. What follows is from the International Energy Agency 2020 report “Energy technology perspectives” on how to transition to net zero emissions by 2050. This might require the replacement of just about everything, since power plants, steel blast furnaces, cement … Continue reading →

Art Berman ser en oljebrist snart.

Art Berman är med i denna intervju med Peak Prosperity om nergången i oljeutvinningen som har lagt grunden för en prischock under första halvåret 2021. Nu är nergången första året i skifferoljan 43% mot 22% 2014 vilket betyder att man skulle behöva dubblerar borrningen för att ligga på 0. Se bild från filmen nedan.


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