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Tim Garrett om Jevons paradox
Tim Garrett om Jevons paradox

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  • Running Short of Tailwinds for the Economy 22 november, 2023
    Strangely enough, the economy seems to move from tailwind to tailwind, as new resources are discovered, as population expands, and as central banks figure out new ways to fix the economy. In this post, I will describe some tailwinds affecting the economy. Many of these have recently lost their value or are likely to lose […]
  • By marromai: Post Peak Everything 14 november, 2023
    Today’s guest post by German speaking marromai contemplates the implications of peak everything caused by energy depletion and concludes the coming collapse will be rapid, harsh, and permanent. Other essays by marromai can be found here. Following is an edited excerpt from “A Book for no One” by Stefan Gruber that discusses the so called […]
  • Unpave low traffic roads to save energy and money 22 november, 2023
    Preface. The U.S. has 4.1 million miles of roads (1.9 million paved, 2.2 million gravel). About 3 million miles of roads have less than 2,000 vehicles a day, less than 15% of all traffic. The paved portion of these low-volume … Continue reading →

Collaps 101 av Michael Dowd

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Michael Dowd har gjort en föreläsning om grundkurs i kollaps i ett långt tidsperspektiv. Den är riktigt bra det finns många bra citat och referenser till massa böcker som går djupare ner i ämnet kollaps. Detta är delarna som han går igenom. Det finns två filmer en om kollaps och mer information finns på Post Doom med samma namn. Måste ses om man vill förstå vårt predikament!
Collapse 101: The Inevitable Fruit of Progress
Where are we? • What lies ahead? • What causes ecocide?
1. The Big Picture — Understanding our predicament and our trajectory
2. What’s inevitable? futile? — Accepting reality, and avoiding frustration
3. Progressing Toward Ecocide?! — History’s Verdict Re Human-Centeredness
4. Problems vs. Predicaments — 5 Stages of Awakening / Post-doom Living
Vi har förut skrivit om hur de fem stegen för förståelsen för vårt predikament ser ut.

Post Gloom: Deeply Adapting to Reality
• Why living in integrity ain’t easy • Why death is a sacred necessity • What’s the essence of “post gloom”
1. Our Human Condition — Culture Rules, Cognitive Biases, Social Instincts
2, Inescapable Temptation — Mismatched Instincts, Supernormal Stimuli
3, Evidential Inspiration — Cherishing Your Star-Stuff Nature and Mortality
4, What Can We Do? — Living Meaningfully and Courageously @ TEOTWAWKI

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