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  • Humans Left Sustainability Behind as Hunter-Gatherers 2 december, 2020
    Many people believe that humans can have a sustainable future by using solar panels and wind turbines. Unfortunately, the only truly sustainable course, in terms of moving in cycles with nature, is interacting with the environment in a manner similar to the approach used by chimpanzees and baboons. Even this approach will eventually lead to […]
  • US September Oil production 1 december, 2020
    A post by Ovi at peakoilbarrel All of the oil (C + C) production data for the US state charts comes from the EIAʼs Petroleum Supply monthly PSM. After the production charts, an analysis of three EIA monthly reports that project future production is provided. The charts below are updated to September 2020 for the […]
  • Where do we come from, who are we, and where are we going? 2 december, 2020
    Preface.  This is a book of review of The Social Conquest of Earth, in which E. O. Wilson answers these questions.  Although tribes have invented thousands of creation myths since paleolithic times, Wilson finally has written a book explaining our … Continue reading →

Seminarium om diesel den 14 februari. 

Är höga dieselpriser här för att stanna?

Vad innebär den skiftande globala råoljemixen för de svenska drivmedelspriserna. Hur påverkas raffinörer, leverantörer och konsumenter av de nya förutsättningarna? Energimyndighetens forum för globala energifrågor hälsar er välkomna till en aktuell och aktiv diskussion i Stockholm. 

Den 14 februari kl 8 har Energimyndigheten ett seminarium om dieselpriset. Jag kommer att […]

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