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    I will be giving a presentation to a group of casualty actuaries on September 17 called “The World’s Fragile Economic Condition.” I plan to write up the presentation in two posts, one covering the first three of the six sections … Continue reading →
  • Who Killed the Small Modular Reactor Programme? 17 september, 2018
    Guest post by Andy Dawson. "Who Killed the Small Modular Reactor Program?" is an abridged version of a Global warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) briefing paper. In his Autumn Statement of 2016, the then Chancellor, George Osborne made an announcement that surprised and enthused many; he announced that the UK was to spend up to £250 million […]

Dokumentär "LIVING IN THE FUTURE’S PAST" trailer

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En trailer på en ny dokumentärfilm om hur människan och vår civilisation har blivit en superorganism som inte vet sitt eget bästa. Nathan Hagens har beskrivit detta i hans senaste föredrag. Vet inte ännu hur man kan se filmen eller om den kommer hit? filmens hemsida finns här i alla fall.

Dessa personer förekommer i filmen:

Jeff Bridges
Actor, Artist, Producer, Humanitarian

Dr. Piers Sellers
Director of the Earth Science Division at NASA, Meteorologist and Astronaut

Wesley Clark
General, US Army (ret.), former NATO Supreme Allied Commander

Oren Lyons
Environmental activist and Professor of American Studies

Dr. Timothy Morton
Philosopher and Author,’Humankind’, ‘Dark Ecology’, ‘Being Ecological’

Bob Inglis
Former (R) Congressman, South Carolina, Founder Enterprise and Energy Initiative

Dr. Rich Pancost
Professor of Biogeochemistry, Director of the Cabot Institute,
University of Bristol, UK

Dr. Ruth Gates
Marine Biologist, Gates Foundation Director, University of Hawaii

Dr. Renee Lertzman
Behavioral Psychologist, Author, ‘Environmental Melancholia’

Dr. Leonard Mlodinow
Physicist and Author, ‘The Upright Thinkers’

Dr. Bruce Hood
Professor of Developmental Psychology, University of Bristol UK,
Author, ‘The Self Illusion’

Dr. Mark Plotkin
Ethnobotanist, Amazon Conservation Team President

Dr. Thomas Metzinger
Professor of Theoretical Philosophy, Author, ‘The Ego Tunnel’
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany

Dr. Amy Jacobson
Evolutionary Anthropologist and Human Behavioral Ecologist

Daniel Goleman Psychologist, Science Journalist
Author, ‘Emotional Intelligence’

Dr. Stephen Lewandowsky
Professor of Cognitive Psychology, University of Bristol, UK

Dr. Nathan Hagens
Co-Director Bottleneck Foundation, PHD. Natural Resources,
Reality 101, University of Minnesota

Dr. Joseph Tainter
Professor of Anthropology, Author, ‘Collapse of Complex Societies’

Dr. Ugo Bardi
Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Florence, Italy

Paul Roberts, Journalist and Author, ’The Impulse Society’

Dr. Ian Robertson
Cognitive Neuroscientist, University of Dublin, Ireland

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