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  • Low Oil Prices: An Indication of Major Problems Ahead? 28 november, 2018
    Many people, including most Peak Oilers, expect that oil prices will rise endlessly. They expect rising oil prices because, over time, companies find it necessary to access more difficult-to-extract oil. Accessing such oil tends to be increasingly expensive because it … Continue reading →
  • Attenborough and the deluded elites of Katowice 10 december, 2018
    ‘We the peoples of the United Nations’. These are the opening words of the UN Charter. A charter that puts people at the centre. A pledge to give every person in the world a voice on its future. A promise to help protect the weakest and the strongest from war, famine and other man-made disasters. Right now, we are facing […]
  • What on earth is exergy? 10 december, 2018
    Preface. This is one of the best explanations of exergy I’ve been able to find.  This paper makes the case that exergy ought to be considered by just about every industry and government to achieve greater energy efficiency, and makes … Continue reading →

Charles Hall samtalar med Chris Martenson

I denna podcast så samtala Chris Martenson med Charles Hall om energi, olja och biofysik ekonomi hur begreppet energy returned on energy invested eller ERoEI kom till och varför det är viktigt.

Han har en ny bok ute Energy and the Wealth of Nations: Understanding the Biophysical Economy.

Källa: Dr. Charles Hall: The Laws Of Nature Trump […]

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