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  • Could we be hitting natural gas limits already? 25 september, 2021
    Many countries have assumed that natural gas imports will be available for balancing electricity produced by intermittent wind and solar, whenever they are needed. The high natural gas import prices recently being encountered in Europe, and especially in the UK, appear to be an indication of an underlying problem. Could the world already be hitting […]
  • Water is flowing uphill. Why? 10 oktober, 2021
    El gato malo does more intelligent analysis in a week than the idiots in our governments do in a year. Today’s analysis suggests Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche was correct in predicting that applying a leaky vaccine effective at preventing sickness in the middle of a pandemic was a very bad idea. https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/are-leaky-vaccines-driving-delta all a virus […]
  • Why net zero carbon capture contraptions are absurd 14 oktober, 2021
    Preface.  Several papers are summarized below. The most important is by Sekera and Lichtenberger (2020). This is the most complete, up-to-date review of where carbon capture stands today. They shown that the two most popular carbon dioxide removal methods likely … Continue reading →

F.d. Opec-staten Indonesien pressas att ta bort bränslesubventioner

Engelskspråkiga nättidningen Jakarta Globe i Indonesien skriver i sin ledare att landet behöver sänka dess bränslesubventioner, eftersom kostnaden annars blir en alltför tung börda för den Indonesiska staten.


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Trolig kostnad för kärnkraftsolyckor.

Kärnkrafts katastrofer som Chernobyl 1986 och Fukushima 2011 är riktig sällsynta, nästan osannolika fast dom hände två gånger efter Tage Danielssons monolog om sannolikhet. Nu har en rapport läckt ut om vad de verkliga kostnaderna för sådana olyckor kommit.


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